Customize Your Strap



Customize Your Strap

Welcome to Tie 4 Safe's "Customize Your Strap." Tie 4 Safe is one of the few leading providers who offers its valued clients the service of creating customized tie down straps with a variety of different options!

To get started, please first choose the size of the strap you would like to customize






Let Us Help You Step by Step Customize Your Strap!


Step 1: Select Your Tension Device:

This part of the strap is frequently referred as the Ratchet or Cam Buckle.  Our Ratchets come in sizes 1", 2", 3" and 4". Our Cam Buckles come in sizes 1  and 2


Step 2: Select Your Long End Fitting

The Long End Fitting is the part of the strap that you feed through the Tension Device and like the Short End Fitting, it can have any end fitting attached to it.


Step 3: Select Your Short End Fitting

The Short End Fitting is the part of the strap with  the Tension Device  and like the Long  End Fitting, it can have any end fitting attached to it.


.Step 4: Select Your Strap Color:

Here at Tie 4 Safe. we have a large variety of different Tie Down Webbing colors.


Step 5: Select Your Overall Length:

This measurement includes all parts of the strap assembly including the fixed end and Long End. The Long End length is calculated by taking the overall length and subtracting the Short End.


Fixed End Length:

This is the distance of the Ratchet or Cam Buckle from the end fitting with 12" being the standard and most common length and 6" being the absolute minimum.


Tension Hardware Device:

Ratchet Buckles

Cam Buckles 


Fixed End Fitting:

Flat Hooks

Snap Hooks

D & O Rings 

Chain Anchors 

j Hooks 

S Hooks